Chocolate Christmas Tree Lollipops

Chocolate Christmas Tree Lollipops

A dozen large Christmas tree lollipops

These lollipops are available painted or plain. All colors are white chocolate flavored.

They are almost 3.5 inches tall by about 2.5 inches wide at the widest part.

The M&M’s are “chocolate glued” in.


Each chocolate Christmas tree lollipop is made to order…Colors vary upon request… Each lollie is hand painted and packaged in clear plastic bags and twisted with colorful ribbons..

Chocolate Lollipops – Christmas Candy

Order comes with 12 “Christmas Tree” lollipops, which are individually wrapped and tied with a matching bow. Items will come as pictured.

White chocolate Vintage Christmas Tree lollipop

May contain dairy or nuts.

Price is for 6 lollipops.

Milk chocolate vintage Christmas tree lollipop

Great for holiday parties and celebrations of all kinds! Can be made with milk chocolate, white chocolate, green or purple chocolate at the moment.

Varying quantities for your convenience. Made to order, wrapped individually and packaged with care.

May contain milk and/or nuts. If you have any food allergies, please write to me before ordering.